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Premier Provider for Flexographic Printing

XSYS is the specialist for the global flexographic printing industry. With plates, sleeves, adapters, know-how and an impressive service network our team never hesitates to recommend their product line.

XSYS has focused all development on one goal: brilliant results. First through making great products that provide customers with quality printing results and ensuring the efficient use of resources.

XSYS rotec® Product Line

rotec® Premium Lightweight Sleeves


-rotec® Blue Light Sleeve
-rotec® Premium Sleeve
-rotec® High Performance Sleeve
-rotec® Premium Lightweight Sleeve
-rotec® Compressible Sleeve
-rotec® High Speed Sleeve
-rotec® Offset Plate & Blanket Sleeves
-rotec® TSX Sleeve
-rotec® Base Sleeve /rotec® Cover Sleeve 
-nyloflex ® ITR Sleeve


-rotec® Bridge Adapter
-rotec® Unifit Adapter
-rotec® Airo Adapter
-rotec® Eco Bridge
-rotec® (Eco) Atlas Adapter
-rotec® ULW (Eco) Bridge
-rotec® H/C Adapters

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