Summary of the main benefits and unique solutions.

Designed for the Short Runs

Optima may be delivered with SOMA’s automatic plate mounter S-Mount. The automatic plate mounting process is much faster and more accurate than manual mounting. With it, press down-time due to incorrect plate mounting is minimized. S-Mount comes with the unique IRIS feature: plate topography and registration measurements, which provides the foundation for automatic registration and impression settings on press.


IRIS (option] – the fully automated system in Optima2 flexographic printing press sets all active printing decks into impression and register in couple of minutes with zero ink and material waste.

The CARTRIDGE system (option) offers printers a means of reducing ink costs on printing jobs where expensive spot colors, special effect and metallic formulations are required. These high pigment inks are expensive consumables and reducing ink volumes and residual waste permits printers to maintain profit margins while meeting end user price demands.

Print features that maximize quality

Our state-of-the-art in-built ‘Advanced Bounce Control’ system represents cutting-edge technology that reduces ‘bouncing’ at high press speeds to optimize print quality when using HD plates.

Job Tuning – is the second-generation Advanced Bounce Control feature, contributing to exceptional print quality. It is a specially designed software algorithm, performed during job set up that minimizes the bouncing effect for each particular design via special drive tuning procedure.

Reliable Cloud-based Service Support

S-Chat (option) – a very convenient ‘WhatsApp’ type of communication, including files, pictures, and videos attached from any S-Cloud-connected device.

Data Sharing (option) – S-Cloud may contain all relevant information, such as equipment manual, instructional videos, list of spare parts and retrofits, or service programs available.

Remote diagnostics (option) – In case of an emergency, remote diagnostic is conducted via VPN secure connection.

Intelligent Automation Features

Intelligent Automation contributes to high quality printing, improved communications, and primarily helps to ensure a quick and easy change-over between jobs, while minimizing operator error


Intelligent Recipe (option) – There is only one recipe for each job available for all SOMA equipment located on the S-Cloud. Using one recipe for all equipment avoids human error and provides the foundation for the efficient job changeover on the S-Mount plate mounter as well as Optima flexo.

Intelligent Changeover (option) – The Intelligent Changeover feature guides the press operator during the change-over process. It will minimize the number of tasks to be taken and will automate as many steps as possible — therefore minimizing operator error. With the IRIS feature (option), registration and impression on the press will be set, completely automatically.

Intelligent Supervision (option) – All key press parameters, measuring efficiency and energy consumption, are monitored on-line. Any Internet-connected device may review what is—or has been—happening with the press.

All the Sourcing Support You Need

The Moore & Moore team is ready to source new and replacement assets to support the optimal performance of your operation.