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S-Mount Plate Mounter

Fast and accurate plate mounting

At Moore & Moore we find it important to share the best in flexographic printing technology. SOMA is regularly on the cutting edge in the flexographic printing market. The standard of engineering that goes into their new S-Mount series is truly staggering. The new S-Mount is the most recent plate mounter offered in three versions with different degrees of automation. Each one having their own advantages.

Plate mounting serves an important role in the flexographic printing offline process. Companies across the globe are targeting automation for offline activities like this to improve operational flow and less stoppages due to human error. But other factors and benefits must be paired with automation for true improvement. The S-Mount  platform offers the following benefits for flexographic printing:  Exceptional mounting precision, and elimination of human error while mounting plates.

Precision mounting inherently reduces the time needed to mount plates and assures a dependable rhythm and repeatable jobs.

Precision mounting inherently reduces the time needed to mount plates and assures a dependable rhythm and repeatable jobs.

Primary Customer Benefits


S-Mount-A and S-Mount-FA can replace two or three conventional plate mounters. Supporting multiple flexographic printing machines.


S-Mount can mount plates for machines with different core diameters and sleeve widths and adapts to different print setting systems (ARUN, GPS, Easy-Reg).


Machine operation is simple and instinctive. Self-calibrating to ensure a constant level of accuracy. Operator is notified immediately when problems arise.

What is the difference between generations of SOMA plate mounters?

Legacy plate mounters were built mainly to help with the automatic loading of ARUN registration and impression settings into the printing sleeve. But now the new plate mounters focus on the core operation itself to make the process more automatic and less dependent on operator interaction. SOMA’s response to demands for productivity and short runs resulted in an automatic S-Mount plate mounter that is easy to use while still ARUN accurate.

What makes the new-generation plate mounter innovative?

During development, SOMA focused on the use of operator time. While mounting plates automatically, the operator can prepare additional plates, tape or create a recipe for a new job. New optics and high-resolution cameras expand the possibilities of automatic mounting inspection, and allows operators to check the accuracy of mounting. All compared with permitted tolerances, and the operator is notified if limits are exceeded.

Plus SOMA developed a new intuitive user-interface, making it easier to load in job information and adjust the settings, according to requirements. So setting up a new job has never been easier. Last, but not all, the S-Mount is connected to SOMA’s S-Cloud Solution, where you can monitor the load of the machine online and build recipes remotely. When connected to the flexographic printing press job data transfers easily.

Stay tuned for more innovations from SOMA. The plate mounter component is only one aspect of a greater flexographic printing operation. We provide entire solutions for your every step of production.

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