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SOMA offers the highest quality in the industry.

Take a Look at SOMA's Robust Product Line

Flexographic Printing Presses

For Mid to Wide to Extended Web Configurations.

When designing Optima, we focused on bouncing and registration accuracy issues and developed Advanced Bounce Control System to raise your confidence in high speed printing of problematic designs. We implemented IRIS to address short run issues. We also made OPTIMA ready for Expanded Gamut, Environmental (WB) Printing or UV LED.

Plate Mounters

For Entry Level to Sophisticated Processes

The FLEXMONT series of plate mounting machines are designed for fast and accurate plate mounting to ensure the superior print quality of OPTIMA flexo printing presses

Slitter Rewinders

For Small Businesses to Larger Converting Operations

When designing our slitter rewinders, we added various features that allow slitting of difficlut materials such as diaper membrane, thin filtration nonvowen or rigig PET up to 700 microns. Our slitters offer different levels of automation as well as customization, for example laser perforation.


Entry to High Level Complexities

A wide range of flexible packaging laminates can be produced on the LAMIFLEX series laminators using solvent free adhesives. It avoids solvent emission and eliminates the need for a heated drying tunnel and offers cost effective and cost saving solution, which also benefits the environment.

Die Cutters - The Bulldog

Perfect Edge Foil Shaping & Embossing

The Bulldog machine is a roll-fed die cutter mainly designed for the production of foil lids for yogurt containers. The die cutting technique is of very high precision to ensure perfect edge quality. The long life die cutting tool consists of multiple dies that enable several lids to be punched per stroke. Various lid shapes, formats and embossing patterns are possible.

SOMA is a serious innovator in flexographic printing.

All the Sourcing Support You Need

While offering unique technology from anyone else we still keep the old style of building printing presses: production in house in SOMA with minimum outsourcing. This surely differentiates us from our competition.