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With innovations such as the pneumatic CFRP adapter for flexographic printing, Inometa is an important development partner for the entire printing industry. Their customers include the printing industry as well as leading international printing machine manufacturers, whose products are equipped with high-performance components made of aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

As a system supplier for flexographic printing, Inometa offers overall solutions and also supply web-guiding rollers, sensor rollers and winding cores as well as printing accessories.

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The new INObridge CP Ecoline pneumatic CFRP adapters are the smart alternative to our Proline and ProXline adapters

Maximum use of lightweight materials reduces the weight significantly and gives you a much shorter set-up time. The INObridge CP Ecoline impresses with its outstanding print quality and is optimally designed for flexible work processes and fast print job change over.

INOflex® INObridge CP Proline

The new INObridge CP Proline pneumatic CFK adapters are the entry into the high-end range of the INOflex® pneumatic adapter
family. The use of high-quality materials and a consistently matched CFRP laminate enable you to achieve high flexibility and
stable printing processes. Achieving the optimum print speed with less waste is the outstanding feature of the Proline version.

INOflex® INObridge CP ProXline

The new INObridge CP ProXline pneumatic CFK adapters are the pinnacle of the INOflex® pneumatic adapter family. Optimized for
every working width and format, individually calculated CFRP laminates and high-quality materials are used to ensure maximum
product rigidity and reliably, preventing vibrations to Print images with the most demanding requirements. The new INObridge CP
ProXline pneumatic adapters are your solution for the highest demands and the full utilization of your machine performance.

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