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Superior wide web flexographic quality.

Our history is one of providing quality plate cylinders, mandrels, and long-standing relationships with our customers. Today, we continue to exceed press OEM and FTA First requirements.

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Great Lakes Products

Plate Cylinders for Flexo Printing

At Great Lakes Cylinders, our precision-toleranced plate cylinders and sleeve mandrels are designed and manufactured with the accuracy required to reduce the variables in your printing process. Among the many benefits our customers experience are better printing quality, higher press speeds, and shorter set-up times.

Gears, Hubs, Time Discs, and Bearing Sleeves

Great Lakes Cylinders can serve as a single source for your associated hardware requirements. Plate cylinders and the necessary hardware are shipped together – accurate, complete, and assembled. To ensure you get your order on time and in top condition, Great Lakes Cylinders ships your plate cylinders and gears in custom shipping containers, designed to protect your order from damage.

Quality Plate Cylinders

In the wide web flexographic print industry, you expect your suppliers to provide superior quality, outstanding service, and product / design solutions that will enhance your competitive edge. That’s why at Great Lakes Cylinders, we exceed our customers’ expectations every day.