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Leading cleaning solutions that lead to better Flexo Printing

The Flexo Wash product line helps you maintain some of your most expensive components.

Flexo Wash uses advanced engineering in developing all of their cleaning machines. Plus innovative  formulas for each cleaning solution.

Your equipment and components need thorough cleaning to prevent damage and prolong the life of your important assets.

Together with Flexo Wash we provide one on one support to make sure you keep running at full capacity. 

With the strongest guarantee in the industry you can feel confident with any purchase you make with Flexo Wash.

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Laser Anilox Cleaning

Consider an automatic, safe, and waste-free cleaning solution for your anilox products. Flexo Wash uses laser anilox cleaning as a sustainable cleaning option for the flexographic printing market. These amazing machines can be installed without all the extras like plumbing, drains, and safety related components.

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Liquid Anilox Cleaning

Anilox rollers can be easily cleaned using an automated process with these top end machines. Daily washing and maintenance sadly are not prioritized but are crucial to high-quality printing standards and keeping downtime out of the equation.

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Parts Washing

The Flexo Wash product line includes a machine that can do it all. Able to wash doctor blade chambers, ink sumps/trays, and your other removable components. Using a quick and simple two stage process this washer can handle all sorts of ink and varnish.

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Sleeve Washing

Flexographic printing sleeves are easily damaged using manual cleaning processes. We also recognize that your machine operator’s time is better spent focusing on the printing process. All of Flexo Wash sleeve washers are designed to remove all forms of ink while doing so with the environment in mind.

Plate Washing

Manual washing is not an option anymore and can actually damage plates. Plus you can save time and remove the safety risks by using a Flexo Wash Plate Washer. These units are able to wash off all types of inks with an environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

All the Sourcing Support You Need

The Moore & Moore team is ready to source new and replacement assets to support the optimal performance of your operation.